5 Easy Tips to Instantly Improve Your Bedroom

IndiaGateInkDuvetOur bedrooms are a place to rest and recharge from life’s daily grind. In just a few easy steps, you can create your own sanctuary. The Alamosa Home Design Team is here to guide you on how to improve your bedroom in just five easy steps!




  1. Declutter

Are your dressers and nightstands covered with knickknacks? Does your bedroom feel more chaotic then calm?   Reclaim your bedroom space by paring down clothes and shoes (a closet organizer is a fantastic option to keep things in place). Choose just a few of your favorite items to display on dressers (this will make dusting a breeze!). Clear your floor space by putting books and magazines in their place, shoes in the closet, and other items that make vacuuming difficult. Schedule jam packed? Dedicate a block of time each weekend to accomplish a task. 


  1. summer365Electronic Free Zone

We live in the electronic age where everyone seems to be plugged in 24/7. Working on your laptop or checking e-mail on your phone can disturb and diminish a good night’s sleep. Commit to an electronic free bedroom. When it’s time for bed, leave your devices plugged in elsewhere for sweet dreams!



  1. maxwell lampCreate Atmosphere with Lighting

Lighting is not only a necessity, but creates a specific ambience in your bedroom. Before selecting the right lighting, asses the size of your bedroom, outlet and light switch locations, and where quick access lighting is a must. Think about the lighting you will need. Soft lighting for reading? Task lighting for dressing? Accent lighting to highlight a cherished work of art or photo? Once you have your shopping list complete, select lighting fixtures that blend with your bedroom style and décor.




  1. promenade three drawer nightstandMaximize Your Nightstand Space

Nightstands are a place for our necessities including alarm clock radios, books, and lighting for reading. Selecting the right piece of furniture ensures your bedside isn’t piled high, leaving you searching for what you need. Multiple drawer nightstands such as our Promenade 3-Drawer Nightstand allows you to easily keep things clutter free by sorting out your bedside essentials by drawer.





  1. Go Green – Bring in Plants

bobvillaHouseplants not only bring a pop of color to your bedroom, they also provide a cleansing and calming effect. These powerful air purifiers help remove toxins and pollutants from your home. Even if your bedroom doesn’t receive a great deal of natural light, there are plenty of low light plants to choose from including snake plants, golden pothos, and philodendrons.


Searching for more fast and fabulous bedroom decorating ideas? Our blog has you covered!


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