Dress Up Your Room: Fabulous Finishing Touches

lazyboyWhen does a house become a home? When it reflects you, your tastes, passions, and lifestyle. Adding finishing touches to your space creates a level of comfort and truly brings your home to life. The Alamosa Home Decorating Team is here to share must have touches that will add character, dimension, and energy to your abode!




soft blanketThrows, rugs, and even window treatments add warmth to a room both literally and visually. These items introduce a layer of personality to your space. Each room should reflect your own individuality, so select what compliments your décor and lifestyle (forget about the “staged room” look!). Rugs can be layered over hardwood or carpet. Add dimension with a combination of window treatments…blinds, sheers, and drapes. Super soft throws add another level of appeal and serve as a comfy cover up when lounging.



Throw Pillows

pillowDressing up your sofa is so simple just by adding a few throw pillows! Pillows are a fantastic way to experiment with colors (no worries if you’re not ready to commit to a wall color yet) as well as add texture and patterns to your space. Decorating Team Tip: Combine solids with patterns, mix sizes and shapes, and choose a variety of textures. Many throw pillows consist of a pillow insert and a removable decorative cover. This way you can change the feel of your room with the changing seasons or holidays.


Fresh Flowers


How does your garden grow? Happy sunflowers, fragrant lily of the valley, and down to earth daisies are just a few wonderful blooms to bring indoors. Adding a bouquet of fresh flowers elevates and brightens the mood of any room. Whether you gather a bunch from your garden or purchase them from your local florist or grocer, flowers provide beauty, fragrance, and a pop of color to your domain. Fill eye catching vases in a variety of heights to maximize visual impact.




mirrorUse your imagination and add a finishing touch with mirrors. Mirrors are most definitely not meant to be cordoned off in the bathroom or power room. Use these reflective beauties as wall art to lighten and brighten your room. Whether you hang one mirror as a focal point or group a set of framed mirrors, they will reflect light and add visual interest in your space. Mirrors come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, so you can customize your selection to your room’s personal design plans.

What special touches have you used when decorating? Share your finishing touches with the Alamosa Home Community in the comments below! Looking for more design inspiration? Follow Mattress Mary on Pinterest!


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