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eangee products are fair trade. we only work with suppliers who pay meaningful benefits and wages. In addition, all workers and artisans must be provided a safe, quality work environment that allows them enjoy what they do in addition to a earning a stable paycheck. all of the artists have access to continuing education, healthcare, and quality housing. eangee staff make at least one un-announced visit each year to ensure that proper work conditions remain in place. moving forward, we are seeking to increase its offerings of lighting and accessories as a way to provide more work in a world desperate for more quality jobs.

Fortune Giant 11″x11″x72″ – Natural, Burgundy, Green, Mixed, Orange, Sea Blue

Fortune Large 11″x11″x48″ – Burgundy, Green, Mixed, Natural, Orange, Sea Blue

Fortune Table 9″x9″x15″ – Green, Mixed, Natural. Orange, Sea Blue, Burgundy

(Sizes LxWxH)

Weight 6 lbs



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Eeangee is one of our favorites. Eco-friendly, fair trade goods made with care. Match that with excellent pricing and you'll see why we love this brand.