Kid-Friendly Wood Furniture for a Log Cabin Home

Conjuring images of early settlers, thick forests and simple living, the log cabin is a quintessential part of American folklore.  

Log cabin homes are especially enticing for children who love the rustic appeal and exploratory lifestyle that it tends to offer.  Many families seek out kid-friendly wood furniture to encourage the fun and help create amazing moments they’ll remember forever.

Alamosa Home has a wonderful selection of kid-friendly log cabin home furniture available right now.

Log Cabin Bunk Beds

While typical homes usually have separate rooms for every kid, log cabins are content putting multiple kids in every room.  Bunk beds are a common sight and kids love the social interaction that comes with being together in a single space.  The best bunk beds reflect the nature of log cabin design, with thick wood panels and unique natural patterns.

The Bronco Loft Bed features solid wood construction from ponderosa pine. This loft features a twin bed atop a desk with a corkboard backing and chest of drawers with a three shelf bookcase behind it. The bottom caster bed is twin size and the ladder is removable to fit your space needs. This space-saving loft is the perfect solution to your child’s growing sleep and study needs. Complete the loft bed with the coordinating desk chair.

Another popular option is the Bunkhouse Big Sky Full/Full Bunkbed.  Built with classic wood slats and rectangular design, this bed is made to sustain the heavy usage of children playing.  The bottom drawers and backside shelves are excellent additions, enabling kids to store all their toys, books, games and pajamas.

Wooden Bookcases

While today’s log cabins are far more modern than their predecessors, many parents like to keep some pastimes alive.  One of the best parts about living in a log cabin home is reading a book by the fireplace during a cool, quiet night.

Kids love to read and bookcases are essential in the kids’ room, helping to maintain organization and cleanliness.  The Universal Bookcase has three wide-open shelves for placing toys, trophies, picture frames, and of course, books.  The lower portion features two cabinet-style doors that are perfect for stashing the biggest books or unused items.

Wooden Toy Chests

When the only storage options are bureau drawers and bookshelves, where do kids expect to put all their toys?  A wooden toy chest is a perfect amenity to spice up the kid’s room in a log cabin.

The Bunkhouse Toy Chest, in particular, is made in America and built from solid American Ponderosa pine.  It’s easy to open, has plenty of storage space, and is ideal for keeping the kids’ room neat and clean.  It looks great in any house but is especially fitting in a log cabin home.

Wooden Game Tables

When a log cabin home becomes the hub of entertainment, older kids need a place that is more suitable for playing.  A wooden game table is an excellent centerpiece and something that both older kids and adults can use with their friends.

Each Cedar Game Table by Fireside Lodge Furniture is individually and artfully crafted.  Boasting four sturdy log legs and a thick cedar square top, this table is ready to be leaned on, banged on and adjusted constantly during usage.  The high gloss finish not only gives it a gentle sheen, but it also helps it avoid dents and scratches so game night can continue year after year.

Log Benches

Even the log cabin kitchen needs some kid-friendly furniture to make dining easy and enjoyable.  Rather than assign formal seats to every child in the house, log benches make eating a true family affair.

The Cedar Log Bench is the epitome of a log bench, featuring one long, simple seat and lots of open room to dangle feet.  Kids will love sliding from one end to the other, nudging off a sibling or friend, and squeezing in when friends are over.  It’s also easy to bring outside when extra seats are needed around the bonfire.

Find more Fireside Lodge Furniture and other incredible kid-friendly wood furniture at Alamosa Home.

Do you have fond childhood memories from your log cabin home?  We’d love to hear all about it in the comment section below!

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